Happy New Year! Loving the Skin I’m in

We’re #OnAMission and it’s time to launch. Excited to welcome Edify Teens and friends, Ms. Tiffany L. Burgess and the #STEMgirls panel to “Loving the Skin I’m in” #education #empowerment #HamptonAlumni @skinlikemine_childrensbook @theonlygirl_4 * WINTER ADVISORY – May be postponed due to inclement weather and icy conditions. (January 16 and/or 21) Stay Tuned! POC: ETM […]

Women’s Health HERstory: The Unfulfilled Womb

Listen to the Replay: Dial 712-775-7029
Meeting ID: 749-693-051  or web link The Unfulfilled Womb Recording  (fast fwd)
Save the Date *Sunday afternoon, August 21 Atlanta, GA* Fill out the survey http://bit.ly/2a34xLp to receive an invite.
“No womb should suffer alone….There are voices who will stand beside you”
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“Inner Motivation is the launch pad to Wellness.” – TLL

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What’s New with Dr. Teri….She’s ready to be your ally
Dr. Teri is currently being certified and trained by the Real Balance Wellness & Health Coach Certification Program…. So What is Wellness Coaching? Click here Let’s get started. This season, Dr. Teri will be offering a […]