What’s the 411?

Welcome and I hope you are making it a Teri-fic day!

teri-larkins-purposeI’m Teri Larkins aka Dr. Teri aka TLL and I invest strategies, tools and resources to bring value and transform your life, organization and business into the best representation of that numero uno person…….You!

But first let’s get the elephant out the room. I must be blatantly honest….. I have multiple personalities……! That’s right, I said it. This Bmore (Maryland) purposeful bred, resourceful, frugalista can walk on both sides and even on the tracks. I’m always ready to pull out one of my trusty sidekicks to cultivate and maximize the talents of individuals, projects and organizations. My motto is “You are a transformer, there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

The analytical, task-oriented, valedictorian, mad scientist in me takes you into her creative think tank lab and before you know it, you’ve walked out with multiple treasures, a master plan, proposal and processes to thrive on. My down to earth, fun-loving, go to Girl Friday side cheers you on to maintain an active lifestyle, connects you with some fantastic life-long people and partners, and knows how to keep you engaged in a healthy, simple yet meaningful life that incorporates peace, purpose and pleasure. I’ve coined my approach the Master the P’s of Life conversation and model which I believe is the true kicker of success and happiness in all areas.

teri-larkins-peaceYes I’m a Ph.D. But guess what? I don’t proclaim to know it all. I do know I’ve never backed down from a challenge. By practicing humility and having a loving, supportive community of family and personal mentors, I’ve been able to overcome seemingly insurmountable life experiences and financial challenges to graduating completely debt free with an advanced education.

I also realize that everyone may not have a personal mentor or confidant to guide them, that’s where I come in. Sometimes we tend to learn life’s lessons the hard way but you don’t have to. I can show you how to marry your purpose and pleasure to bring you more peace- from living a healthy, balanced life to impacting the world with your business and being a philanthropic rockstar. So let’s connect.

It’s time to release your inner potential and transform. The world is waiting and so is your treasure.

Professional Biography

Teri Lynnea Larkins learned early on that one must always reach back while pressing forward which has allowed her to excel in her academics, career and community. Her family values, taking advantage of countless opportunities and the mentors she gained growing up in Baltimore, Maryland have molded her into a successful strategist, philanthropreneur (Phil- an-throw -pra- nu- er) and health advisor.

In May of 2006, she completed her doctorate in biomedical sciences with an emphasis in cancer biology at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She uses her health science background as a health advisor in cancer prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

teri-larkins-pleasureIn addition to impacting lives through health care and cancer prevention efforts, Dr. Teri is passionate about empowering individuals especially women by assisting with their education, financial health and ultimately life’s purpose.

Starting in 2009, she created the companies, TLL Consulting Group and Digital4Dreams, LLC in partnership with network marketing companies which specializes in partnerships, strategic and reinvention planning, skill set and careerpreneur development, volunteer efforts for non-profit organizations developing business and organization mottos and taglines and writing life action plans. Dr. Teri has also birthed and assisted in the development of three teen and women non-profit organizations and served on their executive boards and leadership teams.

She lives by and has shared her mantra with the masses: “You are a transformer, there’s more to you than meets the eye”. Dr. Larkins’ mission is to assist thousands with embracing their fruitful transformation process and to master their peace, purpose and pleasure. She teaches you how to do this in her recently recorded training, “Master the P’s of Life: Transform your Pieces into Peace, Champion your Purpose and Live your Pleasure”.

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