Stephanie Bowles, Ph.D. Student, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Georgia State University
Before starting my first year of undergrad at Hampton University, I was unclear on a solid career path for my future, yet I knew I had an interest in math and science. A few months before school started I was introduced to Dr. Teri, whose alma mater happened to be Hampton University. Immediately we began discussing life at Hampton and my potential academic interests. She provided names of faculty members in the science department whom I could speak with about potential careers in science.

After speaking with Dr. Edison Fowlkes, the path towards my science career began. I was exposed to the world of research, spending after school hours working in a genetics lab as well as participating in numerous summer research internships. Along the way I was able to network and form academic relationships with some well known scientists. In addition, through every accomplishment Dr. Teri was always there as mentor to congratulate me on my accolades, provide advice, write letters of recommendations, and help develop strategies for the future.

My senior year of college I was accepted into the post-baccalaureate program through Baylor College of Medicine’s Human Genome Sequencing Center. While in Houston, Dr. Teri continued to provide mentorship. Within that year I applied and was accepted into four graduate programs, three more than I had expected. After my last interview at Georgia State University, I was torn on which school to attend. Although I was very interested in the program at Georgia State, I felt I had to choose a school based on rank. Yet, after listening to Dr. Teri’s testimony about her graduate school experience and nonetheless having someone you admire and look up to support your decision made the choice much easier. I came to the conclusion that my success would not be based solely on the school I attend but my performance while I’m there.

With that being said, I accepted the offer of admission at Georgia State University. I am currently finishing up my first year in the molecular genetics and biochemistry doctoral research program. Before Dr. Teri, I had tremendous support from family but no one I could go to for advice about college, especially not graduate school. Dr. Teri has not only provided words of encouragement and guidance but also embodied success through her actions and achievements, which continues to motivate me today.

Elsie Dunn, President, Edify Teens Ministries/Dunn Construction Cleaning, Newnan, GA
Dr. Teri Larkins had been a blessing to Edify Teens established in 1995 with only 8 kids in 2003. I met Dr. Teri at a youth conference she ask me what was my vision, three months later the vision came to pass now Edify Teens Ministries host annual girls retreats, has been a blessing to hundreds of young girls around the world thanks to Dr. Teri business plan that she put together for our mentoring program for young girls. With the help of Dunn Construction Cleaning one of our sponsor and business that we own based out of Newnan, GA.,Dr. Teri has prepared winning proposals as well for our company with a average generates about $350,000. in revenue annually. I thank God for her integrity and character. She is truly one of Atlanta’s business woman helping the next generation to prosper.

Chelsie E. Dunn, MPH, Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology, Alliant International University, Los Angeles, CA
Prior to my mentorship with Dr. Teri Larkins, I was an eighth grader not well prepared for my high school journey. Through her mentoring and advising during high school, I was able to find valuable resources and services such as attending a biomedical symposium and receiving a full academic undergraduate scholarship. Currently, I am a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and currently hold a BA in Psychology and MPH in Urban Public Health.

Marchele Nowell-Bostic, Research Assistant III, Cincinnati, OH
As a college student at Georgia State University, Teri became my mentor for the NASA program at Morehouse School of Medicine. She helped to challenge me in learning basic scientific research techniques which enabled me to win a poster presentation at the Annual Minority Biomedical Research Support Conference and gain co-authorship on my first scientific article. Dr. Teri also played in a major role in developing my professional career. I now work at the Cincinnati as a Research Assistant III using many of the skills I learned.

Nikki Pierce, Quality Assurance Managing Director and Business Owner Elkridge, MD
“Thanks Dr. Teri, I had a gratifying and awakening experience after listening to your CD “Master the P’s of Life.” Prior to listening, I was stagnant in pursuing my goals mainly due to fear, however, afterwards your CD served as the cornerstone for helping me shape my thoughts towards achieving my goals, and dismantling all doubts and fears. And with that, I’m grateful!”

Dr. Akilah F. Strawder, Pharmacist, Rockville, MD
“Dr. Teri Larkins provided great principles for attaining work-life balance on her CD, “Master the P’s of Life”. By committing to memory some of the key principles and themes presented throughout the CD, you can maintain focus, decrease stress, and achieve great time management. What a wonderful blessing!!”

N. Janae Kendall, Lead Designer, Prim & Proper Ink
Dr. Teri Larkins is by far the most compassionate professional when it comes to women’s health. I was once ashamed about my condition and afraid to speak about the discomfort and pain I was feeling when it related to fibroids. Dr. Larkins absolutely made me feel comfortable with sharing. I felt a sense of relief immediately and not only did she give me lots of helpful information but she pointed me in the direction of other professionals that could assist me naturally. Dr. Larkins sent me recipes, products and vitamins to purchase, diet suggestions and she even checked on me to make sure I was on track. More women like her are needed in the field of women’s health. It will ultimately lead to a healthier you. She raised my awareness and her advice and counsel will lead and guide me for a lifetime. Thank you so much Dr. Teri Larkins.