WHH Recap and Playback flyersOn October 29th, Dr. Teri officially launched Women’s Health HERstory, an informative and empowering women’s health teleforum and discussion. The purpose of WHH is to provide a platform to educate and inspire women, men and families to become champions of their health and loved ones. The heartbeat of this forum are the personal stories that are backed with professional experiences and knowledge.  Women’s Health HERstory was inspired and dedicated to Dr. Teri’s grandmother, Baltimore City Schools educator, Anne E. Larkins. She lost her battle to breast cancer in 1991. It’s not just professional, it’s personal!

For this inaugural WHH, Dr. Teri was honored to be joined by her illustrious BFFs Panel of Beautiful (Fit, Free and Fierce) Friends that dedicate, their time and talents in the biomedical science, health and medical arena professionally and for their communities.

  • Dr. Luisel Ricks Santi- Cancer Geneticist nd Director, Hampton Cancer Research Center
  • Dr. Brandi Knight- Assistant Professor Dept. of Medical Education; Director of Student Support at the Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Dr. Jacquline Yancy – Biologist, Scientific Medical advice Reviewer, FDA/HHS
  • Dr. Yara Robertson – Breast Surgical Oncologist with Metro Surgical Associates, Board Member for Sisters by Choice

In addition to being doctors and scientists, the ladies are caregivers, health advocates, daughters of cancer fighters and angel and first foremost women when you remove all titles and accolades.

Various women and men joined the teleforum consisting of cancer survivors, caregivers, patients, concerned family members, friends and health champions. The panel presented on and discussed basic breast health, screening, breast cancer risk, family history of breast cancer, being a caregiver and navigator, tumor biomarkers, breast cancer treatment plans and risk reduction/prevention. If you missed the first WHH and/or want to get a recap on the information discussed visit http://fccdl.in/h7RnvTV93 or Playback Number: (712) 775-7029 Meeting ID: 749-693-051. Check out the materials and resources provided for patients, survivors and caregivers. Remember know your body and know your risk.

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Womens Health Herstory Breast Cancer Resources and PlayBack 10_29_14

Every woman happy, Every woman healthy and Every woman making life happen.” Stay tuned to the next WHH in December/January.

A Healthy Me = A Healthy Family” – Dr. Ricks Santi

“Eating well and exercise are family goals. We teach our daughter to take pride in her health as we do.” – Dr. Knight

“Everyone, including the uninsured and the underinsured should be given quality breast health care. We should work together eliminate disparities in breast cancer treatment, especially in the African-American population.” – Dr. Robertson

“Know and learn your body. Don’t be afraid to speak about changes you notice with your body. It could save your life.”  – Dr. Yancy